BCGS Old Defenders Project

OldDefendersBinders700DPIIn recognition of Baltimore’s role in the war of 1812, this project led by George Bausman has created a collection of obits and death notices of the “Old Defenders”.

Objective: Create a resource of the obituary’s / death notices / individual histories of those at the Battle of Baltimore, which was a pivotal point in the War of 1812. This spans several diverse groups and we have endeavored to take a broad perspective. The largest group is the “Old Defenders” which grew to be a large fraternal organization of the veterans who fought at the Battle of North Point and served in the defense of Baltimore.  We have also collected information on many at Fort McHenry.  Additionally as research grew, we have added other individuals that have had an association with the Battle of Baltimore and this includes many from outside the State of Maryland.

Parameters: Veterans that fought / mustered at the Battle of North Point, Hampstead Hill and Fort McHenry.  This includes many individuals from Baltimore, the State of Maryland and nearby States.

Collection: About 1,640 individuals with obituaries, death notices, newspaper articles and suspected participants. Information ranges from simple death notices to full biographical and family history.

Location: All materials are found in the 1812 Collection at the BCGS Library.


The battles of North Point and Fort McHenry began with the arrival of the British Fleet on 10 September 1814. Baltimore actively began preparations for the expected invasion around 23 August 1814 with the creation of a Committee of Vigilance and Safety and proactive funding and defensive organization.  The active conflict began on 12 September and ended 14 September 1814.

Our work is not complete and continues. Numerous members of BCGS are contributing to this project.  There are omissions, fragmented records, incomplete data, missing newspaper records, conflicting information and challenges to resolve.  If you have additional information please send it to George Bausman Jr.  <>

Names: 1,721.
Updated 09 JAN 2014



Surname Given name
Abey Christian
Abey Jacob
Abey Joseph
Aborn John
Ackland James
Adams Leonard
Adelsberger Michael C.
Adgate Andrew
Adrean George
Adreon Christian
Aikman William
Aisquith Edward
Alban Zachariah
Albaugh William H.
Albers Solomon G.
Alder Michael
Alexander William
Algire George Sr.
Algire Nicholas
Aligaier Jacob
Allbright Jessie P(eter)
Allen John
Allender Joseph
Alnutt James
Ambrose Solomon
Amey Henry
Amos Henry R.
Amos Thomas
Amoss Isaac
Amoss Joshua
Amour David
Anderson Ira G.
Anderson John
Andre Gregorius
Andrew Moses
Andrews Christian
Anthony Daniel
Appleby John
Appleton Charles H.
Appold George
Arbaugh/Albaugh William H.
Archer Robert
Archer Stevenson
Armager Jesse
Armistead George
Armitage Jonas Osburn
Armons James
Armor William
Armstrong Andrew
Armstrong Joshua
Armstrong Peter
Armstrong Robert C.
Armstrong Solomon
Arnold John
Ashton Henry
Atkinson Joshua
Babcock Samuel
Bader Dominick
Baer Jacob Shellman
Baer John
Baer Michael S.
Baer W.S. (sic)
Bailey Esma
Bailey John
Bailey Shadrach
Bain Hope
Bainer William Henry Jr.
Baker Benjamin
Baker Charles
Baker Frederick
Baker Gideon
Baldwin William H(enry)
Ball James
Ballard Bernard
Ballard William
Baltzell Thomas
Bandel Frederick
Bandel Michael
Bandel William
Bangs John Sr.
Bankard Jacob
Bankert John
Bankhead James
Bare Samuel
Barling Joseph
Barnard James
Barnes Samuel
Barnett W.C.
Barney John
Barney Joshua
Barney William Bedford
Barnitz Charles
Barnitz Jacob
Barranger John Francis
Barrett Henry
Barroll James Edmondson
Barry John Lavallin
Barry Standish
Bartgis Mathias Echternach
Bartholow Elias
Bartlett William
Bartol George
Barton Joshua
Bartruff John A.
Batchelor William
Bauer David
Baughman Frederick
Baumgardner Daniel
Bausman Lawrence H.
Baxley George
Baxley James
Bay Daniel
Bay Hugh
Bay Thomas
Baynard John
Bayne John W.
Beall Alpheus Benjamin
Beall Elema
Beall Otho Williams
Beam Jacob
Beam James
Bean Jacob
Bear John
Beard John
Bearer John
Beason/Beeson Thomas V.
Beaut George Esq.
Beck Tobias
Beecraft Peter
Beeson Thomas V.
Bell Cecilius
Bell Hugh
Bell Thomas
Bell William
Bell William E.
Belt Thomas H.
Bennett John
Bent T. Hanson
Berry John
Beuhring Frederick G(eorge) (Louis)
Beusel Frederick
Bevan Thomas H(oratio)
Bevan James
Bevan(s) James
Biays James
Biays Joseph Jr.
Biays Joseph Jr.
Biays Philip G(rable)
Bientlinger Frederick
Bineker Frederick Sr.
Birckhead Hugh
Bird/Byrd John Carter
Bishop John
Bishop Richard R.
Bixler David
Blackford Thomas Thornburg
Blair Thomas
Blake Walter M.
Bleany John
Bobart Charles
Bobart Charles C.
Bodensick Henry
Boggs Alexander L(owery)
Boggus Robert S.
Bollman Thomas
Bond Benjamin
Bond Henry
Bond James T.
Bond Thomas
Bond Thomas Talbott
Bond William
Bookman Joseph (John)
Bookman John
Boon James
Booth Joseph
Bose William
Boss George
Boston Charles
Boteler Edward S.
Bouldin Jehu
Bowen Richard
Boyce Theodore R.S.
Boyd Alexander C.
Boyd David Esq
Boyd Joseph
Boyd Samuel Sr.
Boyer Jacob
Bradford John
Bradley Alexander
Brannan John
Brannan Randall B.
Branson Joseph
Brenan John Francis
Brewer Nicholas
Brice Henry
Brice John Esquire
Brice Nicholas
Brice Robert
Brick John
Briner Samuel
Brisk John
Britt George Sr.
Broadwater Mr.
Bromley Lewis
Brooks Joseph R.
Broughton Edward
Broughton Isaac W.
Brown George
Brown James
Brown Jehu
Brown John
Brown John N.
Brown Moses
Brown Thomas
Brown Vachel Sr.
Brown William Henry
Browning Ritson
Bruhm Henry
Brundige Henry
Buchanan William Boyd
Buck Benjamin
Buckingham Levi
Budd George
Bull Ambrose Tego
Bull Isaac
Bunbury Matthew (S.)
Bunting John
Bunting William J.
Burgan Philip
Burke Ezekiel
Burke Nicholas
Burke William B.
Burneston Isaac
Burneston Joseph
Burnham Edward Sr.
Burns Thomas Sr.
Burns William B.
Burrier John
Burriss Nicholas
Busk John
Butler Clement
Butler James
Butler John B.
Butler William
Byard Peter
Byer John
Cairns Samuel
Calvert Thomas (M.)
Campbell B(ernard) U(lysess)
Campbell John
Canby Benjamin
Caney John
Cannon Thomas
Canoles William Stansbury
Capprise Joseph
Carlisle Amos
Carman Thomas
Carmichael John
Carnes William E.
Carr John
Carroll John Bond
Carroll Nicholas C.
Carroll Thomas
Carson David
Carson John
Carson William
Carter Clement
Carter John
Caspari Jacob
Cassard Gilbert Sr.
Castine Francis
Cathcart John
Cathcart Robert
Caughy Patrick
Chaisty Edward
Chalk Ignatius
Chalmers James Sr.
Chalmers John
Chalmers William
Chaney Cornelius
Chapman George
Cherry Edward L. Sr.
Chesney Benjamin
Cheston James
Chilcoat George
Child(s) Samuel
Childs Thomas
Choate Solomon
Christ William
Christhilf Henry/Harry
Christopher Charles
Christopher Benjamin
Clackner Joseph
Clagett Elie
Claggett Levi
Clark William
Clayton Phillip
Clayton Samuel
Clements John
Clemm John
Clendinen Alexander
Cleveland George W.
Cline Caspar
Clopper Andrew
Cobb Josiah
Cockey Edward A.
Cockey John Sr.
Cockey Joseph
Cockey Joshua Frederick
Cockey Thomas B.
Coe Joshua
Cohen Jacob
Cohen Joshua I.
Cohen Mendez I.
Cole Abraham
Cole Frederick
Cole William
Colein John
Coleman Richard
Collins Andrew
Collins Isaac
Collins Isaac
Collins John
Collums Levi
Colvin Robert
Comegys Lemuel
Conclin Mr.
Connor Thomas
Conway Jesse B.
Conway John
Conway Robert
Cook Andrew
Cook Archibald
Cook Christian
Cook Ephraim
Cook George A.
Cook John F.
Cook Joseph
Cook William G.
Cooksey Richard K.
Cooper Elisha
Cooper John Sr.
Cooper Joseph Sr.
Cooper Matthew H.
Cooper Tego
Cooper Tejo
Coppuck William
Corner James
Costello James J.
Costin James W.
Cottrell Henry W.
Counselman Jacob
Counselman Samuel
Coursey Edward H.
Courtland Thomas
Cowan Willliam
Cox Clemson
Cox John K.
Cox Richard G.
Craggs Robert
Craig James
Cramerson John
Crea Hugh
Cren Edward
Crey Frederick
Crist William
Crocken James J.
Cromwell Oliver
Crook Charles
Cross John
Crouse John
Crouse William
Crump Alfred
Cuddy Lawson
Culley Robert H.
Cullings William
Cullison Noah
Cullison Noah
Cullum John H.W.
Culverwell Stephen
Cummins Robert
Cunningham Daniel M.
Cunningham John
Curl Jarrett
Curry William
Cushing Joseph
Custis George Washington Parke
Daiger Joseph Sr.
Dail Daniel
Dalrymple William
Dames Augustus
Daneker John J.
Dankle George
Darling James
Dashiell Henry
Davey Hugh (Carson)
Davidge Francis H.
Davidson James
Davis Amos
Davis David
Davis Henry
Davis Richard Sr.
Davis Samuel
Dawes James Greenleaf
Dawson Samuel
Day Ishmael
Dayhuff Andrew
Deal George
Dean Thomas
Debart Francis
Decatur Stephen
Decker Jacob Forney
Decker James F.
Deems Jacob
Degraft Abraham
Deitch Philip
Delacone John
Delaney William
DeLaRoche George Henri Frederic
Deloste Francis
Denning James
Dennis Frederick C.
Desk Michael
Despeaux Anthony
Devries(Dewees) Samuel
Dewees Samuel
Dickson Isaac
Diffendaffer Michael
Diffenderffer Charles
Diffenderffer Michael
Diffenderffer Richard
Diggs Beverly
Dill Joshua
Dinsmore Thomas
Disney John Sr.
Disney Wesley
Ditman John
Dittmore Henry W.
Dobbins William
Doft George
Donaldson James Lowery
Dorr Leonard
Dorsey Allen
Dorsey Andrew
Dorsey Henry K.
Dorsey James I.
Dorsey Lloyd
Dorsey Nicholas
Douglas George
Downey Edmund
Downey William B.
Drake Francis T.
Drane John
Drury Henry C.
Dryden Joshua
Ducker Henry Howard
Ducker Jeremiah
Duffy Henry
Dughan Jas
Duhamel James
Dukehart Henry Van Arden
Dukehart Henry
Dunawin William
Dunham Jacob
Dunkerly Richard P.
Dunn Curtis
Dunn James
Dunn John
Dunning Samuel
Durham David
Durst John Felix
Dushane Valentine
Dustin John R.
Dutton John
Dutton Robert
Duvall Edmund Bryce
Dyer William B.
Dysart Moses
Ebberts Joseph
Eberts George
Edes Benjamin
Edmondson Franklin Esq
Edmondson John
Egerton Charles (Calvert)
Eggleston Benjamin
Eggleston Joseph Sr.
Eichelberger George S.
Eichelberger William
Elder John
Elder Allen
Elderkin William
Ellery Eppes
Elliott George
Elliott John
Elliott Nicholas
Elliott William F.
Elliott William
Elmore James
Elseroad Francis J.
Ely Hugh
Emmart Henry
Emmitt Jacob
Emory Gideon
Ensey Lot
Ensor Abraham
Ensor James
Ensor John B.
Etting Samuel
Etting Solomon
Eulon Philip
Evans Daniel
Evans John
Evans Thomas
Everest Joseph
Everhart Jacob
Ewing John Sr.
Fahenstock Derick
Fahenstock Derick
Fairbank William
Falconer Jonathan
Falconer Peregrine
Fallier George
Farnandis Walter
Farring Augustus H.
Fedder/Fetter Jacob
Fefel Joseph
Fenby Peter
Fenwick Martin
Ferguson George
Fields James
Filler Solomon
Finley Thomas Esq.
Finney Lewis H.
Fisher Abraham
Fisher John
Fitch Gideon
Fitch Jonathan
Flannigan Luke
Flemming Frederick A. Sr.
Flemming James
Foard Joseph
Fontaine Henry of W.
Foos John
Ford George W.
Ford Thomas
Ford Walter F.
Forest/Forrester Leonard
Forster John
Forwood William
Fossett James
Fossett John
Fowble Peter
Fowler Benjamin
Fowler Isaac
Fowler John P.
Foy Gregory
Foy Peter
Frailey Leonard
France Thomas
Francies Charles
Francis Thomas Sr.
Frazier Joseph B.
Frederick L(awrence)
French Otho
Frey Jacob
Frick George
Frick William
Frisby Richard
Frizzell George
Fryfogle John
Furlong William Jr.
Furlong William Sr.
Furlong William
Fuss John
Gallagher Leslie
Gambrall John
Gardner Jacob
Gardner William
Garrett John
Gees George
Geeting Jacob
Gehring John G.
Geisenderffer John
George James B(rown)
George James Brown
German Benjamin
German Jonathan
Gettier Jacob
Gibson James Sr.
Giessner Jacob
Gill Ezekiel C.
Gill Stephen
Gill William
Gittings Michael D.
Gladding Samuel
Glass John
Glenn Elijah B(ouldin)
Glenn Robert W.
Glenn Samuel T.
Glenn Samuel
Glessner Jacob
Goddard Charles
Gold Peter
Golder Archibald
Goodwin Caleb D.
Goodwin Lyde
Gordon James
Gordon Joseph
Gore George
Gorner Jacob
Gorsuch George W.
Gorsuch John
Gorsuch Thomas
Gorton Wanton
Gosnell Lemuel W.
Gosnell L(emuel) W.
Gover Robert
Grace Thomas
Grafton William
Granger Nathan
Grant Samuel
Graves Robert
Gray Henry W(illiam)
Greaner William
Green Andrew
Green Charles Bosley
Green Francis
Green Josiah
Green Lewis
Green Thomas
Greer Isaac
Gregg Abraham
Gregg John
Grevry William
Griffin George
Griffith Allen
Griffith Howard
Griffith Steven
Griffith Thomas
Grimes Edward
Grimes Stephen Sr.
Grimes William M.
Groom Edward
Groom William
Gross Michael
Grubb William
Guyton Samuel
Gwynn William
Haggerty Levi
Hagner George M.
Hagner George
Hall Aquila Esq.
Hall Christopher
Hall Daniel
Hall Robert L.
Hall Richard Wilmot
Hall Thomas William Sr.
Hamilton Thomas
Hamilton William
Hammersley James
Hammon Joseph
Hance James
Hane David
Hanna John
Hanna William
Hanson Nathan
Hardesty Charles R.
Hare Jesse
Harman Jacob
Harper Robert Goodloe
Harrington Richard
Harris David
Harris Samuel
Harrison Robert Moore
Harrison William H.
Harrison William S.
Harrison Z(ephariah ?)
Harshew Henry
Hart Joseph
Harryman George
Haslan/Haslum John
Hasson John
Hatton Caleb
Haubert Jacob
Haubert Michael
Haupt Jacob
Haupt Matthias
Hause Frederick
Hawkins John H(enry) W(illis)
Hawman Philip J.
Hay Peter
Hay Samuel
Hayden Horace H.
Hayes John Sr.
Hayes Walter Cody
Hays Robert Sr.
Heald William
Heap Archibald W.
Heaps John
Heaps William
Heard Benedict I.
Heard George
Heath Richard Key
Heath Upton S.
Hedrick William
Heisley John
Helm Leonard
Henkley Edward
Herkins Giles
Herkins Giles
Hesson Peter
Hewitt Elmer
Hewitt Elmer Sr.
Hickman Henry
Hickman John
Hicks Charles G.
Hicks Elijah
Hicks Nehemiah
Higdon Ralph
Hilbert Henry
Hildebrand Andrew
Hildt John Sr.
Hill Thomas Gardiner
Hillen John
Hillen Solomon Sr.
Hilt Jacob
Hilton William W.
Hiser Enoch
Hiss Jacob Jr.
Hiss Jesse L. Sr.
Hiss Jesse L.
Hiss Philip
Hissey Archibald
Hitselberger John
Hitselberger Mr.
Hobbs George W.
Hobbs Peregrine
Hodges Samuel
Hoey John
Hoffman George
Hoffman Samuel
Hoge John
Holder George
Holl William
Holland Archibald
Holland Littleton
Holland Robert William
Hollingsworth Levi
Hollingsworth Samuel
Hollins Jesse
Hollins John
Hollyday Henry
Holter George
Hook Joseph
Hook Samuel
Hook Thomas
Hooker Amos B.
Hooper James
Hope Daniel
Hope David
Hope Thomas Sr.
Hopkins Richard
Hopkinson Francis
Horstman Charles
Horton James
Hoshall Jesse Sr.
Hoshall Jesse
Hoshall Jesse 2nd
Host Frederick
Houck Jacob Sr.
House Jesse
Howard Benjamin
Howard Benjamin Chew
Howard David
Howard Edward Aquilla
Howard George
Howard Henry
Howard Jacob
Howard John Beale
Howard Peter
Howard William
Hubball Ebenezer
Hudson David W.
Hulse John
Humrichouse Frederick
Hunt Jesse
Hurdle Robert
Hussey Asahel of Nathan
Huster Gotlieb
Hutchins Joshua
Hutton Elijah
Huzza John
Hyde Samuel S.
Hyser John
Hyson Nicholas
Ijams John
Inloes William
Israel Fielder
Jackson John
Jackson William
Jamart Michael
Jameson Horatio Gates
Jamison Caecilius Coudon
Jamison John
Jarrett Asbury
Jenkins Edward
Jenkins Felix
Jenkins Frederick Esq.
Jenkins George
Jenkins Henry
Jenkins Josias
Jenkins Michael
Jenkins Thomas C.
Jenkins Thomas Courtney
Jenkins William
Jenkins William V.
Jennings John
Jennings Samuel
Jephson John
Jessop Dominick
Jessop William
Johns Richard
Johnson Aquilla
Johnson Elisha S.
Johnson Samuel
Johnson Thomas
Johnson William
Joines Leonard
Jonas James
Jones Barron
Jones John
Jones Joshua
Jones Owen D.
Jones Philip
Jones Talbot
Jones Thomas
Jones Thomas Sprigg
Jones Uriah Sr.
Jones William
Jones William R(obinson)
Kauffman Daniel
Kaylor George
Keating George
Keen William Jr.
Keenan Charles
Keener Christian
Keener William C.
Keerl John C.
Keerl Samuel
Keirle Matthew
Keirsted Luke
Kell Thomas
Kellar George
Keller Conrad
Keller William
Kelley James
Kelley Nicholas
Kelly Conrad
Kelly Terence
Kelso John Russell
Kelso Thomas
Kemp Joshua Sr.
Kemp Shadrack Sr.
Kenly Edward
Kennedy John
Kennedy John Pendleton
Kennedy Mordecai
Kent Emanuel
Kent Robert Wheeler
Keplinger Michael
Keys John
Kidd David
Kidd Joshua H.
Kimmel Anthony
Kirkland Alexander
Kitts John
Klassen Charles
Klein Louis
Klockgether D.
Knight Ignatius
Knight Jacob
Knight John
Knight Joseph
Knight Peter
Knorr William
Knott Edward
Kone Daniel
Konig George
Koons Henry
Koontz John
Krebs Jacob
Kreig Frederick L.
Kroh Philip D. Sr.
Kuntz John
Kyle Adam B.
LaBarrer Nicholas
Labroquere Bernard T.
Lamb George
Lamb John
Lambright George
Lammot Moses
Lamotte John
Landstreet John
Lane Peter
Lane Thomas A.
Lansdale William M.
Laroque John M.
Latimer James B.
Lattimer James
Latty John J.
Laurence/Lawrence John M.
Lawrence George
Lawson Robert Sr.
Leagne James M.
Leakin Sheppard C(hurch)
Lee James H.
Lee John
Lee John R.
Lee Joshua
Legrand Samuel D.
Lehman Jacob
Lehman Nicholas
Lemmon George
Lemmon William P.
Leseure John
Leslie John
Lester Shipley Esq
Levering Aaron R.
Levering Jesse
Levy Henry
Levy Thomas P.
Lewis Samuel W.
Lewis Willoughby
Lightner Henry
Lineberger William
Ling Peter
Linn Moses
Linn William
Linthicum Abner, Sr.
Lipp Joseph
Little Peter
Lloyd Edward
Loar George
Lockwood Aquilla
Logue James
Lomax James
Long Kennedy
Lorman William
Loudenslagle Philip
Lowe George
Lowe John
Lucas James
Lucas Peter B.
Lucas Robert
Lucas James
Lugenbeel John
Lugenbeel Moses
Lumberson John
Lutz John Coleman
Lyeth Samuel
Lynch Patrick
Lyon Charles G.
Lyon Joseph Swan
Lyon Robert (Jr.)
Maccubbin Moses
Macgill Thomas
Mackenzie Colin
Mackenzie Thomas
MacKubin George
Magill Samuel
Mallonee John
Manning Jesse
Markell Jacob
Marriott Elisha
Marriott James H.
Marriott William H.
Marrow Isaac
Marshall John W.
Marshall Thomas
Marteny John
Martiacq John Esquire
Martin David Jr.
Martin James
Martin John B.
Martin Luther
Martin Richard
Martin Samuel B.
Martz George (Daniel)
Mask John Jackson
Mask Wm.Marshall
Masmore Theodore
Mass Samuel
Mathews Patrick
McCafferty William
McCann Mr.
McCanna Patrick
McCay James
McCay James M.
McClellan Andrew
McClellan Samuel
McClellan William
McComas Charles Sr.
McComas Henry Gough
McComas William
McConkey James
McConkey William
McCoy Stephen
McCulloch James H. Jr.
McCurdy John
McCurley Ethan
McCurley Felix Sr.
McDonald Alexander
McDonald James
McDonald John
McDonald Robert
McDonald William
McDonnell Mr.
McDonnell Patrick
McDowell Maxwell
McElwee Samuel
McFerran John
McHenry Francis D.
McKanna Patrick
McKay John
McKenzie James
McKim Isaac
McKinley Thomas
McLane Louis
McLean Charles G.
McLeane Charles
McMeacham Charles
McMullen John
McMurray Samuel
McNeal James
McNeal/McNeil James Jr.
McNeal James Sr.
McNeir John Sr.
McNier George
McPherson William
Meacham Charles
Meads Daniel
Mearis Jacob
Meckley Daniel
Medcalfe William M.
Mediary John
Medtart Joshua
Meeks William
Meredith B.R.
Meredith Jonathan
Meredith Samuel
Merriken Jacob
Merryman Levi
Merryman Micajah Sr.
Merryman Nicholas
Messenger Charles
Mettee Martin
Metzgar F(rederick)
Meyer Andrew
Meyer Godfrey Esq.
Mezick Baptist
Michael Henry
Mickley Daniel
Middleton James
Middleton Richard
Milburn Samuel
Milholland Robert D.
Miller Charles J.
Miller Christopher
Miller Edward
Miller George W.
Miller James M.
Miller John
Miller Matthew
Miller Michael
Miller T.C.
Millholland Robert D.
Mills Ezekiel Sr.
Mills Richard
Miltenberger Anthony F.W.
Minnich Michael
Minnick Charles G.
Minnick John
Mitchell Arthur
Mitchell John
Moale Randle/Randall H.
Moale Samuel
Monmonier Francis
Monroe/Munroe Alvin/Alvan
Monroe Isaac
Monroe John H.
Montgomery James
Montgomery John
Moody Isaac Esq.
Moore Nicholas Ruxton
Moore Samuel
Morehead Turner
Morford James C.
Morris Jesse
Morris John B.
Morris Morris
Morris Samuel
Morrow Isaac
Morton Robert
Mosher James
Mosher William
Moss Robert B.
Moszer John A.
Mott William
Mowbray James
Mowton John
Muller Louis Conrad
Mumma John
Mundorf Henry
Munroe Isaac
Munroe Nathaniel
Munroe Richmond
Murker John
Murray Mr.
Murray James C.
Murray Matthew H.
Murray Thomas
Myerly David
Myerly Solomon
Myers Henry
Myers Jacob
Myers John H.
Myers Samuel
Nagle Anthony
Nash Ephraim
Neal Abner
Neale Benjamin
Needham Asa
Neff John
Neilson Oliver H.
Neilson Robert
Neilson Thomas N.
Nelson John
Nelson Joseph
Nicholson Christopher
Nicholson Joseph Hopper
Nicoll William
Niles Hezekiah
Nixdorff Henry Esq.
Nizer/Nozer Thomas
Norris B(enjamin) B(radford)
Norris Edward Sr.
Norris John
Norris William
Norris William G.
Norwood John
Olcott Joel White
Oler George
Onion Thomas Bond
Opperman George Lewis
Orem Cooper
Orrick James
Osborn William
Ott Peter
Oursler Stephen
Owen John
Owens Joseph
Owings Henry Sr.
Owings Thomas
Palmer Edward
Palmer John
Parks Joshua
Parson Thomas
Pastorius Samuel
Patterson Edward
Patterson Joseph Wilson
Patterson Robert
Patterson William
Pawley James
Peacock Samuel
Peal John
Pearce Joseph
Pearce Thomas
Pechin William
Peck Henry
Peck H(enr)y
Peirce Israel
Pennington Charles
Pennington James
Pennington Josias
Pentz Daniel
Pentz Henry
Pentz John J(oseph)
Pentz Joseph
Pentz Philip Hy.
Perce Emanuel
Peregoy James C.
Peregoy Joseph
Peregoy Nathan W.
Perine David M.
Perkins James
Perrigo Daniel
Peter George
Peters C.G.
Peters Christian G.
Peters William
Petticord John
Petticord W.B.
Petticord William B.
Petticord William (B)
Phelps Gardner
Phelps John
Phelps William C.
Pidgeon John
Piece Emanuel
Pierce William H.
Piet John(B)
Piet John B.
Pindell Lewis
Pinkney William
Piper Alexander
Piper Philip
Plowman Nicholas
Plowman Richard
Pocock John
Poe David
Poe James
Pollitt John E.
Poole William
Porter John A.
Porter Robert L.
Porter Thomas
Porter William
Potter Samuel
Potter William
Powder Jacob
Powell Mr.
Powell William
Prettyman David G.
Price Emanuel
Price Skelton R.
Proctor Robert S.
Prosper (Prosser) Uriah
Prosser Uriah
Proud William T(ower)
Pugh David
Pumphrey Ebenezer
Purviance Robert Sr.
Pyke/Pike Abraham
Pyle Nicholas
Raborg Christopher
Rains Lewis
Rampley James
Ramsburg Israel
Ramsey James
Randall Aquilla (Howard)
Randall Aquilla Howard
Randall Beale
Randall Elisha
Randall Enoch
Randall William
Rau John C.
Rayner William
Razer Jacob
Ready John
Ready Sameul
Redgrave Samuel H.
Redgrave William
Reed George
Reed John
Reed John Sr.
Reeder Charles Sr.
Reese Henry
Reese John
Reigart Philip
Reilly Patrick
Reip Henry
Reister Peter
Reitzel John
Rennous John A.
Renshaw William Sr.
Reppert/Reppart George L(ewis)
Reppert George Lewis
Reynolds John
Rheim Josiah
Rhodes John H.
Rhodes Zachariah B.
Ricaud Benjamin
Richardson James
Richter John Sr.
Ricketts David Sr.
Ricketts Levering
Riddle John
Ridgate Benjamin C.
Ridgely John W.
Rieman Henry
Riley Edward
Riley P.W.
Riley Valerious
Ringrose John W.
Roberts Edward P./B.
Roberts George
Roberts Edward P./B.
Robertson Jesse
Robertson John T. Sr.
Robinson Caleb
Robinson Charles
Robinson George
Robinson John
Robinson Joseph
Robinson Thomas
Roche James
Rockhill Thomas C.
Rodenmayer George
Rodgers John
Roesner John
Rogers John H.
Rogers Lloyd Nicholas
Rogers Nathaniel
Rogers Nathaniel Jr.
Rokess John M.
Roney William
Root Daniel
Rosier John
Ross Benjamin C.
Ross Reuben
Rouse Benjamin
Roussey Peter Francis
Royston John
Royston Robert
Ruckle Thomas (Coke Sr.)
Rusk George
Russell Robert
Rust Charles
Rust George
Rust Paul
Rust Samuel
Rutledge Abraham
Rutlege Edward
Rutter Josias (Josiah)
Rutter Josiah
Rutter Solomon
Rutter Thomas G.
Sadtler Philip B.
Salmon George
Sanders Joseph
Sands Elizabeth
Sands John
Sansbury Edward
Sapp Daniel Sr.
Saulsberry Andrew
Schaeffer Wm.A. Esq.
Schaffner Jacob
Scharf William Jr.
Schaub Jacob
Schley Henry
Schley Jacob
Schley John G.
Schliecker Peter J.
Schminke George
Schope George B.
Schuchtz John H.
Schultz Henry
Schwartzauer Daniel
Scott Abraham
Scott James W.
Scott Otho
Scott Samuel
Seche Joseph
Seesnop Adam
Seever Daniel Sr.
Sellers John
Seltzer Jacob
Sewell Charles S.
Sewell Josiah
Seyler Frederick
Shade John
Shafer Jonathan
Shane (Unknown)
Shaul Samuel
Shaw Isaiah
Shaw Isaiah L. Sr.
Shaw Richard
Shaw Samuel H.
Shaw William
Shawbaker George
Sheeler Christopher
Sheldon James
Sheldon John
Sheppard Thomas
Sherwood Horace
Shipley Amon
Shipley John (Raphel)
Shipley John
Shipley Joshua
Shipley Louis Conrad
Shoemaker George
Showacre/Shawbaker George
Shrim John
Shriver John Shultz
Shriver Thomas
Shuster Jacob
Silver Benjamin
Simms Andrew
Simms Edward
Simonson John
Simpson Achilles
Simpson Andrew
Simpson Rezin Burgess
Singer George
Sinners Elijah Sr.
Sipes John
Skinner John Stuart
Skipper John
Slack Charles
Slater James
Sleegar Henry
Sleeger Henry
Slicer Andrew
Slingluff Jesse
Small Daniel
Small Jacob
Smith Andrew
Smith Benjamin
Smith Cyrus
Smith Job (J.)
Smith John
Smith John S.
Smith John Spear
Smith Nicholas
Smith Peter
Smith Samuel
Smith Samuel P.
Smithson Gabriel C.
Smull David B.
Smyser Adam
Smyser George
Snow Freeman
Snowden Henry
Soladay Lawrence
Spangler Michael H.
Sparks Francis
Sparks Josias
Sparks Matthew
Speaker Andrew Esq
Spears William
Spicknall William H.
Sprecher George
Sprigg Daniel
Spurrier Greenbury
Stair Jacob Sr.
Stalker John
Stall David
Stanbury Elijah
Standiford Claudius
Standiford Clement
Standiford Joshua
Stansbury Augustus M.
Stansbury A(ugustus) M.
Stansbury Darius
Stansbury Dixon
Stansbury Elijah
Stansbury Isaac
Stansbury Jarred Esq
Stansbury James B.
Stansbury Tobias E.
Stansbury William
Stapleton Joseph K. Esq
Starr William
Staylor Henry Sr.
Staylor John
Stayton David
Steel John R.
Steever George
Steffey Henry
Steiger Jacob
Steigner George
Stein John
Steiner Henry
Stembler John
Stephenson Alexander
Sterling Travis
Sterrett James
Sterrett Joseph
Steuart George (Hume)
Steuart George H(ume)
Steuart Richard Sprigg
Steuart William
Stevens Timothy
Stevenson Alexander
Stevenson George P.
Stevenson Joshua
Stickney Henry
Stiles George
Stiles John C.
Stinchcomb Alexander
Stites William
Stocksdale Aaron
Stocksdale Thomas E.
Stockton John
Stockton Richard
Stockton Robert Field
Stone Jacob
Stone Samuel
Stonebraker Jacob
Storm Peter
Storms George
Street St.Clair
Stricker John
Strickland Henry
Strobel John Peter
Stuart James
Stump John W.
Sultzer Sebastian
Sumner Henry P.
Sumner Henry P(ayson)
Sumwalt George B.
Sumwalt John T.
Super John
Suter Henry
Sutton Mordecai
Sutton Samuel
Swan William
Sweetser Samuel
Sykes James
Tagert Morton
Talbott Edward
Talbott Mr.(Edward)
Tatham Daniel
Taylor David
Taylor Elijah
Taylor Isaac Sr.
Taylor Jos. W.
Taylor Lemuel Greenberry
Taylor Lemuel (Greenberry)
Taylor Levi
Taylor Robert
Teal Archibald
Thomas Conrad
Thomas Henry
Thomas Isaac
Thomas John
Thomas Richard
Thomas Sterling
Thomas Sterling Sr.
Thomas William
Thomas William B.
Thompson Edward
Thompson Enoch
Thompson John H.
Thompson William
Thornton Joseph
Tiernan Michael
Tilghman Jacob
Timanus Charles
Timanus George
Timanus Henry
Timanus Jacob
Timanus Jesse
Timanus John
Timmons John Sr.
Tims Benjamin
Tipton Benjamin
Tipton Jarrett
Tipton Solomon
Tipton William Sr.
Tittle Jeremiah
Todd Christopher
Torrance Charles Jr.
Towson Thomas
Toy Isaac N(icholas)
Toy John D.
Tracey Isaiah
Tracey John
Treadway Thomas
Triplett Willis F.
Trowbridge Reuben
Trox(w)ell Abraham
Troxell Abram
Tschudi Samuel
Tucker Henry St. George
Tucker James
Tucker Joseph
Tudor John
Tumbleson William
Tumblinson William Sr.
Turner Andrew
Turner Charles H.
Turner James
Turner Joseph
Twigg Thomas
Uhler Andrew
Uhler Philip
Upperco Jacob
Vanhorn Fielding
Van Wick (Wynck) Stedman
Varden Robert B.
Veitch John
Vickers Joel
Voyce Thomas
Wade Larkia
Waggner George Sr.
Wagoner Jacob
Walker Francis
Walker Henry
Walker Isaac
Walker John George
Walker John Wesley
Walker Peter
Walker Sater Thomas
Walker William
Wallace James
Wallace Solomon
Wallace William M.
Walsh William
Waltemeyer Adam
Walter Jacob
Walter John
Wampler Lewis
Wann Jacob
Wann William
Ward Samuel
Wardell Samuel
Wark/Work Andrew
Warner A(lfred) L.
Warner Andrew Ellicott
Warner Henry
Warner John
Warner John S.
Warner John Smith
Warner Michael
Warner Thomas
Warner William
Warvel Daniel
Waters Asa
Waters Richard
Waters William D.
Watkins Archibald
Watkins Thomas
Watson Thomas A.
Watts Dixon P.
Watts Nathaniel
Watts Thomas B
Watts Thomas (B)
Ways William
Weaver Daniel
Weaver John
Webb Abner
Webster John A(dams)
Webster John Adams
Weems George
Wells Daniel
Welsh William
Werdebaugh John
West Thomas
Westcott James
Whalen John
Wheeler Mr.
Wheeler Benjamin
Wheeler Benjamin
Wheeler Benjamin R.
Wheeler Darius
Wheeler James
Whilmot John
Whitaker (?)
White John Esq.
Whiteford David
Whitelock Charles
Whitmarsh John Sr.
Whitson David
Wiley William
Wilkinson Samuel
Williams Amos A.
Williams Benjamin
Williams Colmore
Williams James
Williams John J.
Williams Nathaniel
Williams Thomas S. Sr.
Williard/Willard Julius
Willson Greenberry
Wilmot John
Wilson James
Wilson John
Wilson John Sanford Sr.
Wilson Joseph
Wilson Thomas
Wilson James F.
Wilson Frederick
Winchell Levin
Winckelman Martin
Winder Abraham
Wisebraught John
Wisner John
Wonn Horatio
Wood Nathaniel L.
Wood Nicholas L.
Wood Samuel
Wood William
Woodward Isaac
Woody Thomas
Woolf Joseph
Woolford Rezin H(ammond)
Worley John
Worthington John
Wright John
Wright Stephen
Wright Samuel
Wroe(Wise) W.
Wroe (W.)
Wryan John George
Wyant John
Wynn Christopher
Wynn Thomas
Wysham David
Wysham John
Yingling John
Yingling Jacob
Young John
Young William S.
Young Peter
Young George