BCGS_Reseach_ImageJanuary 22, 2017 – Research Day

Everyone is invited to use all of the research assets of our Library from 12:00 Noon until 4:00 PM.

The Computer Genealogy Interest Group meets at 1 pm.



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  • The Library is open from 12 – 2 pm.
  • The General Meeting followed by refreshments takes place from 2 – 3 pm.




P R O G R A M   O F   S P E A K E R S

F A L L   2 0 1 6

Margaret_McMahon_skatingwbookphotoSeptember 25 — Ancestors in the U. S. Military: Online and in Military Archives.
Dr. Margaret McMahon

Learn how to use online resources to locate information about your ancestors’ US Military service. The discussion will include information about how to use military archives in your research.

About Dr. McMahon
Margaret is the hockey-playing genealogist. She has a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering, and with the advent of parenthood, she turned her technical talents to researching her family’s genealogy. She has over twenty-five years of engineering experience, including being a college and graduate school professor. She is an experienced presenter at national and international technical conferences


Luke_F_McCusker_2016October 23 –The Irish Railroad Workers’ Museum
Luke McCusker

Topics include
  • Establishment of the Museum
  • Description of our Museum’s mission and focus
  • Genealogy activity of the Museum
  • Museum’s research of the Feeley family: discoveries and results
  • Family History of our visitors: Railroading and Irish emphases
  • Q & A


About Luke McCusker
Luke F. McCusker is a Baltimore native, graduating from the University of Baltimore, B.A. History. His passion for local and state history has grown during work experiences at the Historical Society of Baltimore County, Pratt Library’s Maryland Department and an internship at the Maryland State Archives. Luke has been both a docent and published author with the Maryland Historical Society, and became Managing Director of the Irish Railroad Workers Museum in 2013.


Adrian_J_Gravelle(2014)_300x300November 27 — Obituaries – A Treasure Trove for Genealogists
Adrian J. Gravelle

This presentation will include:

  • A short history of obituaries
  • A discussion of their reliability in genealogical research
  • The importance of obituaries in genealogical research
  • Techniques for finding obituaries on the Internet
  • Internet tools used in conjunction with obituaries
  • Understanding the wording in obituaries
  • Examples of good, bad, humorous and not-so-humorous obituaries.


About Adrian J Gravelle:
Adrian J. Gravelle has been a lawyer for forty-seven years and has spent most of his time in the practice of criminal law in the Army.
Colonel Gravelle served the last seven years of his military career as an appellate judge on the U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals, Falls Church, Virginia.

He began researching his own family history thirty-six years ago as a hobby.
Since retiring seventeen years ago, he has been a full-time genealogy researcher, specializing in French-Canadian research.
He is an occasional instructor on subjects ranging from French-Canadian research to genealogical evidence and proof standards.

Adrian is an active volunteer at the LDS Family History Center in Columbia, Maryland.

S P R I N G   2 0 1 7

BCGS_Reseach_ImageJanuary 22 – Research Day

Everyone is invited to use all of the research assets of our Library from 12:00 Noon until 4:00 PM.

The Computer Genealogy Interest Group meets at 1 pm.


February 26 – Civil War Parole Camps of Annapolis, Maryland
Becky Morris, of Anne Arundel Co. Historical Society


March 26 – Researching Western Maryland Families
Mary Mannix

Research regarding families in the areas of Carroll County to the end of the state and south to Montgomery County and will include an overview of the resources, institutions, things to keep in mind when doing this kind of research.


April 29, Saturday, 8:30 am – 1:00 pm –   S p r i n g   S e m i n a r

1. Baltimore: The Golden Door for Immigrants by Debra Hoffman

Baltimore was a major entry point for immigrants to America. Learn about its history and the sources available to document individuals who arrived through this port.

2. The Dead and the Dying: Cemeteries, Funeral Homes, & Obituaries by Rebecca Whitman Koford:
Get into the spirit of cemetery research by introducing a few superstitions that motivated our ancestors’ understanding of death and the afterlife.  Next we discuss records of death outside of traditional death certificates, funeral home records, and touch on the importance of finding obituaries.  Lastly we look at cemeteries and headstone iconography and how to prepare for a visit to the cemetery.
3. Are You My Grandpa?: Men of the Same Name by Rebecca Whitman Koford
This lecture is for all of us who discover that their ancestor has a name in common with someone else in their community.  We discuss techniques for comparing and contrasting the records of these people in order to separate our ancestors with another line.  Case studies are included throughout the lecture with a focus on Maryland and Baltimore records.


rebeccawhitmankofordAbout Rebecca Whitman Koford:
Rebecca holds a Certified Genealogist® credential. Her focus is in American research with special emphasis in Maryland. She has been interested in genealogy ever since the age of five, when she could read her parents’ collection of old handwritten family group sheets. Rebecca has been taking clients and lecturing since 2004. She has spoken for the National Genealogical Society Conference, Maryland State Archives, and for groups in Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and Delaware. She is a board member of the Maryland Genealogical Society and volunteers at the Family History Center in Frederick, Maryland. She has published articles in the NGS Magazine and the Maryland Genealogical Society Journal. She is a graduate of the ProGen Study Group, an online peer-led study program based on the book Professional Genealogy by Elizabeth Shown Mills; she was appointed ProGen Administrator in January 2015. Rebecca is currently very enthusiastic about the Society of Preservation Patriots project sponsored by FGS, an effort to digitize original military records from the National Archives. Rebecca lives in Mt. Airy, Maryland, with three active teenagers and a very patient husband.
Debra_Hoffman-BioPic-2012_400x500About Debra Hoffman:
Debra A. Hoffman has been researching her family history for the past thirty-five years. She has completed the National Genealogical Society s American Genealogy Home Study Course and completed Brigham Young University s Certificate in Family History. Additionally, she has completed Courses 3 (Research in the South, Part I), 4 (Advanced Methodology and Evidence Analysis) and 5 (Writing and Publishing for Genealogists) at the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR) held at Samford University. She also completed Course 3 (Advanced German Research) at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy. She is a member of numerous genealogical societies as well as the William Winchester Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. (Source:


May 28 – Holdings of Anne Arundel County’s Kuethe Historical and Genealogical Research Library
Carolyn Russell, of Anne Arundel Co. Historical Society.


BCGS_Reseach_ImageJune 25 – Research Day

Everyone is invited to use all of the research assets of our Library from 12:00 Noon until 4:00 PM.

The Computer Genealogy Interest Group meets at 1 pm.


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