OldDefendersBinders700DPIIn recognition of Baltimore’s role in the war of 1812, this project led by George Bausman has created a collection of obits and death notices of the “Old Defenders”.

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Names, Obits and Death Notices: Over 2,000. The actual obituaries, death notices and individual histories are in binders at the BCGS library.

Updated 14 MAR 2022


*** 75th Anniversary Document ***
1889 – List of Descendants

In the Baltimore Sun, September 6, 1889 Issue, Old Defenders and their descendants are listed. Participants include over 400 descendants plus 10 living Defenders. See the list of names by selecting → VIEW OLD DEFENDERS’ DESCENDANTS, SEPTEMBER 6, 1889.


The battles of North Point and Fort McHenry began with the arrival of the British Fleet on 10 September 1814. Baltimore actively began preparations for the expected invasion around 23 August 1814 with the creation of a Committee of Vigilance and Safety and proactive funding and defensive organization.  The active conflict began on 12 September and ended 14 September 1814.


Create a resource of the obituary’s / death notices / individual histories of those at the Battle of Baltimore, which was a pivotal point in the War of 1812. This spans several diverse groups and we have endeavored to take a broad perspective. The largest group is the “Old Defenders” which grew to be a large fraternal organization of the veterans who fought at the Battle of North Point and served in the defense of Baltimore.  We have also collected information on many at Fort McHenry.  Additionally as research grew, we have added other individuals that have had an association with the Battle of Baltimore and this includes many from outside the State of Maryland.


Veterans that fought / mustered at the Battle of North Point, Hampstead Hill and Fort McHenry.  This includes many individuals from Baltimore, the State of Maryland and nearby States.


Almost 2,000 individuals with obituaries, death notices, newspaper articles and suspected participants. Information ranges from simple death notices to full biographical and family history.


All materials are found in the 1812 Collection at the BCGS Library.

Our work is not complete and continues. Numerous members of BCGS are contributing to this project.  There are omissions, fragmented records, incomplete data, missing newspaper records, conflicting information and challenges to resolve.  If you have additional information please send it to George Bausman Jr.  <gabjr1@msn.com>