• NEW RELEASE: Heirs and Orphans of Baltimore City and County, Maryland, 1825 – 1904 Abstracted from Annual Valuations.
  • Mount Carmel Cemetery Records
  • Western Cemetery Records
  • Holy Rosary Tombstone Inscriptions
  • Saint James P.E., Monkton, Maryland Tombstone Inscriptions
  • Saint Stanislaus Tombstone Inscriptions
  • Index of Baltimore County Wills

The indexes for these books and data from our other projects may be found at the link for Indexes and Resources.

USEFUL LINKS: Computers and the internet have given us access to a vast amount of information needed in our family history research. However, the majority of the data is on paper and microfilm.

Genealogy 101: For those interested in getting started with their family history.

One of the most important things we do in our research is recording what we find. Every event that we discover (Birth, Marriage, Death, Burial, etc.) needs a citation from a source. One such guide is available at the link https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Cite_Your_Sources_(Source_Footnotes).

When entering these citations into our family trees, we should follow the guidelines listed at the link Standards for Sound Genealogical Research.